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Orthodontic office in Abilene

Orthodontist in 97606
Orthodontist in 97606

Because so many people wish that they had a straighter smile, there are plenty of orthodontic options when it comes to attaining straighter teeth. Everyone has a different reason for seeking out orthodontic treatment, whether it is to correct crooked teeth or to make a bite more even and healthy, but we here at the orthodontic offices of Kevin L Carlton DDS MS can provide you with a variety of different options depending on your preferences and needs. Before going ahead with any treatment options, however, you will have to schedule an initial consultation with our orthodontist in 97606 to explore all of your treatment options.

There are a variety of different orthodontic options available to patients. What treatments are viable for you will depend on your age, how severely your teeth and/or bite are crooked, and on your own personal preferences. Orthodontic treatment may help you attain a straighter and more attractive looking smile, but the overall goal is really to create a healthy bite. Usually, orthodontic treatment is not sought until all of the permanent teeth have come in and developed, but some children have severe enough malocclusions that they should consider treatment as soon as possible. To correct this sort of issue, interceptive orthodontics can be implemented by Kevin L Carlton DDS MS. Interceptive orthodontics aims to help realign teeth in order to prevent the need for more intensive work later on that might involve the removal of teeth or more invasive surgeries in order to completely correct. Interceptive orthodontics can help eliminate the need for later work or reduce it significantly. But for the most part, orthodontic treatment is administered to teens and young adults. The tools and types of tools used will depend on your medical needs and on your preferences. Our orthodontist in 97606 will help direct you to which appliances you may need, such as expanders or retainers, in addition to what type of brackets or braces will work best for you.

If you are in need of orthodontic care, call us here at the office of Kevin L Carlton DDS MS to schedule your first consultation. From there, our orthodontist in 97606 will help you figure out what treatment methods will work for you and will help you attain the smile that you want and the smile that you need.

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