Braces in Abilene

Orthodontist in Abilene

Today there are many different types of braces available for both children and adults. In fact, braces treatment options are now varied enough so that just about anyone will be able to find a treatment to their liking. If you want to see an orthodontist who offers many types of neurontin bipolar OK, make an appointment to see us for a consultation at our practice of Kevin L Carlton DDS MS.

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Braces in Abilene

At our practice, our expert and experienced orthodontist is Dr. Kevin L. Carlton. Dr. Carlton has been a practicing orthodontist for over 18 years. He provides exceptional orthodontic care for both children and adults. After a consultation at his office, Dr. Carlton will be able to recommend various treatment options using the different types of neurontin bipolar OK that are used in his practice. One of the treatment options Dr. Carlton offers to patients who qualify for this procedure are the Simpli5 Express Aligner System. This treatment is good for solving problems of minor to intermediate anterior crowding or spacing. The system uses up to five trays that are used sequentially to correct teeth misalignment. This system is cost-effective costing quite a bit less than other aligner systems.

Patients who are getting neurontin bipolar OK have many other treatment options to choose from. Of course there are the traditional metal brackets that are still available. However, over the years these braces have themselves evolved. The brackets are generally smaller than they were years ago, so that patients will not need to experience a “mouth full of metal.” And of course, there are now ceramic braces which can either color match the teeth or have clear brackets. Both of these options provide much more subtle orthodontic treatment than do traditional metal braces. However, these options can be a bit more expensive and treatment time can take a little longer. This is due to the fact that wires cannot be pulled quite as tight so as not to damage the more fragile ceramic material. So whether you want to wear clear plastic aligners, ceramic braces, or metal braces, you are now able to have a choice when it comes to the types of braces being offered as treatment. We recommend that you make an appointment to meet with Dr. Carlton for a consultation so that he can talk to you about which braces options will work best for you, and how long it is estimated that your individual treatment will take.

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