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Abilene braces
Abilene braces

Not everyone is born with a perfectly symmetrical smile. This is something that is completely normal, but may often require the help of orthodontic care. Whether you are looking to correct a bite problem or even if you simply want to improve the appearance of your smile, our orthodontist Kevin L Carlton DDS MS can provide you with all of the orthodontic care that you need in order to get the smile of your dreams. We offer a variety of Abilene braces here at our orthodontic office, including alternative methods such as Simpli5 Aligners.

When people tend to think of orthodontic work they tend to think of braces, and when people think of braces they tend to imagine the traditional kind. Traditional bracket and wire braces are still the most common orthodontic treatment used but not everyone is comfortable with the way that these braces look. Traditional braces are not at all subtle, and while some individuals do not mind them so much, other people may refrain from even getting braces because of this reason. If you find yourself feeling the same way, then you may want to learn about Simpli5 Aligners. This orthodontic system uses plastic aligners that are completely clear so that they are barely noticeable while you are wearing them. People won’t even know that you are wearing braces at all! Unlike other clear braces, Simpli5 Aligners are much more affordable but have all of the same benefits and advantages. Here at the office of our orthodontist, Kevin L Carlton DDS MS, you can see whether or not Simpli5 Aligners are appropriate for you and your dental needs. Typically, this method can be used to treat conditions such as spaced upper arches, rotated upper incisors, trapped lower laterals, crowded upper arches or lower arches, and general lower spacing problems.

If you are looking to get Abilene braces, then please consider calling us here at the dental office of Kevin L Carlton DDS MS whenever suits you best. We can help you set up an appointment where Dr. Carlton will examine your teeth and your bite and help you determine whether a treatment such as Simpli5 Aligners are right for you.

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