Dental Braces in Abilene

Metal vs. invisible braces in Abilene

Dental braces in Abilene

Dental braces in Abilene

If you are in need of our dental braces in Abilene, you may have heard of invisible braces and be wondering if that’s the right choice for you or if you should stick with metal braces. Our orthodontist will examine you and do a consultation to determine the answer to that based on your individual circumstances. But knowing a little about each will help you to see which is better suited to your preferences, needs, and comfort level.

Metal braces have been around for a long time. And a big reason why they are still popular in the age of invisible braces is that they do such an excellent job of moving teeth into a more ideal position, particularly when you have a challenging job to tackle. Not ever case of teeth and jaw misalignment is the same. And there are times when nothing but metal braces will do. It’s also true that metal braces might be less costly in many instances, so they may fit better in your budget. And some invisible braces are removable, which is not necessarily a plus if you’re the type of person who is tempted to take our dental braces in Abilene out when they should be doing their work of shifting your teeth. If you’re worried about appearance, it’s worth nothing that modern metal braces have a more stylish and less gangly appearance. You can even customize them to your taste.

Invisible braces, which can be made of either plastic or ceramic, hold a huge cosmetic advantage over metal braces. Many people avoid their needed orthodontic work because they feel self-conscious about wearing our dental braces in Abilene. You won’t have to concern yourself with that when you choose invisible braces. And in all but the more difficult cases, they do a comparable job to that of metal braces. They may also be more comfortable than metal for you to wear. And for ones that are removable, you can enjoy eating all of your favorite foods instead of being restricted for fear of what can get stuck in them. Regardless of whether you choose metal or invisible braces, though, the good news is that you’ll be well on your way to a straighter and more attractive smile.

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