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97606 Orthodontics

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Orthodontist in 97606

97606 Orthodontics
97606 Orthodontics

If you are looking for an orthodontic practice that will be able to provide top-notch treatment for all members of your family, then we strongly suggest that you contact us at our orthodontic practice, Kevin L Carlton DDS MS. At our 97606 orthodontics practice, we offer complete services, ranging from interceptive orthodontics for our youngest patients to complete orthodontic care for our teen and adult patients.

Our expert and well-liked orthodontist is Dr. Kevin L. Carlton. Patients of all ages are welcome to come to our 97606 orthodontics practice for care. It is recommended that youngsters first visit around age 7 so that our orthodontist can evaluate their bite situation and see if they need any type of interceptive orthodontic care. This type of orthodontic care often concentrates on making sure that the jaw will be able to fully accommodate all permanent teeth which will come in at a later date. Additionally, any existing or emerging bite problems can be corrected so that they do not need to be treated later on. Most problems are much easier to treat during these early years while the jaw is still growing, rather than have them corrected later on, once jaw growth has completed. Arch expansion is a common technique which is used during interceptive orthodontics care to help make room for permanent teet

h. Some orthopedic growth appliances also can enhance jaw growth. With interceptive orthodontic care, subsequent orthodontic care that is needed as a teen is much simpler and less costly. In addition, there is generally a need for fewer or no tooth extractions.

Teens and adults come to our orthodontic practice for treatment with many different types of braces. Orthodontic care is used to correct a bad bite. Sometimes teeth are crowded, or the upper and lower jaws may be out of alignment. Even if teeth look straight, there may be a problem with the bite which is not even, and which will cause dental problems in the future. If a patient has crowded teeth, they should also be corrected as this can lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease as an adult; it is very difficult to maintain a healthy mouth with this dental situation. At our 97606 orthodontics practice, our orthodontist is also able to provide mouth guards, retainers, emergency orthodontic care; fixed appliances; Simpli5 Clear Aligners, and treatment for TMJ and teeth grinding. For an appointment to meet with our fine orthodontist, contact us today.

Kevin L Carlton DDS MS
4601 Buffalo Gap Road
Abilene, Texas 97606
(325) 805-4745

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