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Orthodontist in Abilene Texas

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Orthodontic Retention in Abilene Texas

Orthodontist in Abilene Texas
Orthodontist in Abilene Texas

Are you interested in protecting the health and welfare of your teeth? Do you need devices to assist with orthodontic retention? At the practice of Dr. Kevin L Carlton DDS MS, you can find an orthodontist in Abilene Texas who can help!

Dr. Kevin L Carlton DDS MS proudly offers dental services and care to our community’s children. From our friendly, highly-trained staff to our brightly decorated and comfortable location (equipped with video games, movie theaters and rides!), our office is designed to meet the needs of ages of all ages. We also proudly boast a staff of orthodontists who specialize in treating children. In other words, if you want to set yourself or your child on a path towards a straight, polished smile and are seeking an orthodontist in Abilene Texas who can help, you’ve come to the right place! Our office offers retention appliances like elastics, retainers, and Invisalign. We also can provide helpful classifications of teeth and bite type. Removeable appliances are a great solution for moving selected teeth, holding selected teeth in place, influencing jaw growth and influencing tooth eruption. They can be used singularly or in conjunction with fixed appliances. Retainers, for example, are used after braces are removed in order to hold teeth in the desired position. The prolonged use of a clean, non-damaged retainer can help assure that children enjoy the fruits of their (and our) orthodontic efforts for the rest of their lives. Elastics are another example of a removable orthodontic appliance. Elastics are attached to braces in order to assure that the right amount of force is exerted on a child’s teeth in order to ensure proper movement. While removable appliances are not meant to solve every orthodontic problem, a skilled orthodontist can identify when they’re an easier and more convenient alternative that would work just as well as braces.

So don’t hesitate, give us a call at the practice of Dr. Kevin L Carlton DDS MS today to book an appointment with your local orthodontist in Abilene Texas!

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