Ceramic Braces in Abilene Texas

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Ceramic Braces in Abilene Texas

Ceramic Braces in Abilene Texas

When it comes to getting orthodontic work done, you have plenty of options available to you. Depending on your specific needs as well as your preferences, you may be eligible for a variety of different types of braces that differ in appearance and other factors. In order to learn more about options like wire braces or ceramic braces in Abilene Texas, our local orthodontist Kevin L Carlton DDS MS can provide you with a comprehensive examination as well as with advice and information.

Wire braces are the most common type of braces used. There are plenty reasons for this. Wire braces tend to be the most widely excepted by insurance plans, but there are other orthodontic options that your insurance may cover as well. Wire braces are the most typical, including metal brackets that are threaded together with wires. As the treatment progresses, the length of these wires is adjusted, tugging the brackets along with them slowly. The brackets, attached to the teeth, gently guide them into a straighter formation with proper treatment. Ceramic braces work in very much the same way. The main difference is the bracket – ceramic brackets are clear and are much more subtle in appearance compared to their metal counterparts. Ceramic braces tend to be more fragile, however, so they need to be taken care of a little more and need to be treated more gently. Kevin L Carlton DDS MS can provide interested patients with ceramic braces in Abilene Texas and he can provide regular treatment and care for them as well.

With ceramic braces, you have you will have to be more mindful of the things you eat, how you brush your teeth, and how you generally take care of your oral hygiene in order to accommodate the more delicate ceramic brackets. If you would like to learn more about these braces and would like to know whether ceramic braces in Abilene Texas are a good fit for you, schedule a consultation with Kevin L Carlton DDS MS today.

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