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Aligners in Abilene Texas

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Orthodontic Aligners in Abilene Texas

Aligners in Abilene Texas
Aligners in Abilene Texas

If you are thinking about having your teeth straightened, you will want to visit us at our orthodontic practice, Kevin L Carlton DDS MS. At our practice you can receive a wide variety of orthodontic treatments from our orthodontist, Dr. Kevin Carlton, as well as have your teeth straightened with Simpli5 clear aligners in Abilene Texas.

Simpli5 aligners is an orthodontic system that can straighten teeth that are slightly misaligned. The aligners are constructed of a transparent resin, and are often referred to as invisible braces. Our patients enjoy the fact that they can attend work and social gatherings without others noticing that they are having orthodontic treatment, and they will never need to be embarrassed by being seen wearing metal wires and brackets on their teeth. This system of treatment with clear aligners in Abilene Texas is particularly popular with our adult patients. Our dentist will be able to let you know if this treatment system will work well for you. Although it is a great way for many patients to have their teeth straightened, it is not useful for everyone who needs braces. This is because the clear plastic aligners cannot go over teeth that are severely misaligned since the aligners would not be able to apply the needed amount of pressure to reposition them. However, for the right patient, Simpli5 clear aligners will be able to give you the smile you have long dreamt of. If it is determined that you are a good candidate for the treatment, a 3-D model of your teeth will be created, and photographs will be taken, to help make your individualized clear aligners. These new aligners will be accurate to the millimeter. Each aligner will be worn between two to three weeks, and will slowly move the teeth into position for the next aligner in the series. This will continue until you have finished wearing the last aligner.

For an appointment to meet with our orthodontist to see if you are a good candidate for getting clear aligners in Abilene Texas, contact us today.

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