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Braces to treat crooked/crowded teeth in Houston

Houston Dental Treatment
Houston Dental Treatment

Having crooked, crowded, and just basically improperly aligned teeth is a cosmetic issue for many people, but it’s also one that has an affect on your dental well-being. For one thing, when teeth are crooked or crowded, it is very difficult to effectively floss between them. That puts you at an increased risk of both tooth decay and gum disease. And there is often discomfort involved with poorly positioned teeth. At the office of Kevin L Carlton DDS MS, you can take advantage of our Houston dental treatment to correct the problems you have with your teeth.

Orthodontic treatment, typically with braces, is a method of care that has an impressive history. By putting just the right amount of pressure on your teeth, they are pushed gently but firmly toward the position that is most beneficial. How long does this take? It varies based on many factors, including the severity of the positioning at the time that treatment starts, and what type of braces or device is chosen from among what we have available with our Houston dental treatment. But as a basic rule, you should expect that it will be between one and three years in total. You will come in periodically for checkups to determine your progress and to make any necessary adjustments. When our Houston dental treatment is completed, and your teeth are aligned in the way that they should be, there may be a period of time where a retainer is used to maintain the progress that has already been made. Sometimes, teeth will slide back into their old positions initially, and we don’t want you to lose out on what you’ve gained from that time and effort you’ve put in.

Simply call our office and let us book you a convenient time to come in for an orthodontic evaluation.

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