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Pediatric braces in Abilene TX

Dentist in Abilene TX
Dentist in Abilene TX

It may surprise you to find out that pediatric braces can be a very helpful way to address your child’s orthodontic needs right now, instead of waiting until he or she reaches adolescent age. There have been many changes in how such things are managed, and it makes perfect sense to be proactive, lessening the need for future treatments. Our dentist in Abilene TX, Kevin L. Carlton DDS MS, will do an expert evaluation to determine if your child can benefit from early intervention.

Our dentist in Abilene TX recommends that you bring your child in by the age of 7 to be assessed. You may be motivated by observing signs that concern you, but there is no need to wait for the appearance of noticeable symptoms. The goal is to get out ahead of issues that include active guidance of jaw development and maintaining proper space for those teeth that have yet to erupt. There are some indications that you should be on the lookout for, though. Among them are tooth crowding, teeth growing in crooked, breathing through the mouth, chewing difficulties, misplaced teeth, early loss of baby teeth or baby teeth staying in too long, finger or thumb sucking, teeth that are blocked out, shifting jaw, or clicking noises when your child’s jaws move. If you notice any of the above, seek to have your child examine by our dentist in Abilene TX as soon as possible. She or he may be able to take advantage of pediatric braces. Certainly, no child will be excited about the prospect of braces, but when you consider that teens are typically more concerned about how they look, it further supports the case for getting started now. By doing so, not only will your child either avoid braces entirely as a teenager or need them for a much shorter time, but his or her smile will be more appealing even before that second phase of treatment takes place.

Please call and schedule a time to bring your child in. She or he will be better off for it.

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