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Clear Braces in Abilene

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Invisalign clear braces in Abilene

Clear braces in Abilene
Clear braces in Abilene

Getting straighter teeth is something that many people want, and in some cases, getting straighter teeth is recommended or prescribed by a dentist. Straightening teeth and evening out bites can help to improve the appearance of smiles as well as improving overall dental health. There are plenty of ways in which patients of all kinds can straighten their teeth. If you happen to be interested in getting clear braces in Abilene, such as Invisalign, then our dentist Kevin L Carlton DDS MS is here to help provide you with the comprehensive care you need.

When it comes to straightening teeth, orthodontic care is what you need to consider. Orthodontic treatment can vary dramatically depending on what you need to have done as well as other factors like your budget and your own personal preferences. For people who are eligible, Invisalign braces is an attractive option for many. Invisalign braces do not use noticeable metal brackets and wires to correct and straighten teeth. Instead, they use trays that are molded to fit over the teeth and gently move them gradually. These aligner trays are made from a plastic that is clear, and virtually invisible when worn, hence the name of the treatment. About every two weeks or so, depending on your specific needs, Kevin L Carlton DDS MS will have you refitted for a new set of trays, each set slightly different from the last so your treatment can continue progressing and your teeth can keep moving until they have reached their final formation. With clear braces in Abilene, you can straighten and correct your smile easily, and without anyone else even noticing. Not only are clear braces clear, but they are easily removable so they are convenient to clean as well.

If you would like to learn more about clear braces in Abilene as well as whether you are eligible for this treatment, visit Kevin L Carlton DDS MS at our dental offices today.

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