Houston orthodontic office

Houston Orthodontic Office

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Orthodontic emergencies in Houston

Houston orthodontic office
Houston orthodontic office

It’s important that you have access to urgent orthodontic care when it’s necessary, and that is something we’re proud to provide here at the office of Kevin L. Carlton DDS MS. Count on us to address your orthodontic emergencies promptly.

Our Houston orthodontic office will fix your braces that have sustained a lost, broken, or protruding wire or ligature. You have to be very careful when this occurs, because you risk an injury to your tongue, lips, or cheeks from the sharp edges. Do not cut the wire yourself, because there is a very real risk of you accidentally swallowing it. Rather, use the eraser at the end of a pencil or a piece of orthodontic wax to push the wire back into its proper position. This is a temporary measure, of course, and you should visit our Houston orthodontic office as soon after as possible. If you do get scratched or cut, rinse with warm salt water followed by antiseptic rinse to help prevent infection. To manage any discomfort, take over-the-counter pain relief medication. When a bracket gets knocked loose, you can again use orthodontic wax. Place it over the bracket to keep from getting cut. And it is not uncommon to experience some mouth irritation when you first start wearing your braces. If this happens at any time, be assured that it will not last for very long. Take over-the-counter pain relievers and rinse with warm salt water in the meantime. Of course, you can always come in to have your issues tended to, and when it comes to damage that has affected your braces, you most certainly should. Get the expert attention to ensure that your braces are in proper repair.

Contact our Houston orthodontic office right away to arrange a timely appointment to come in for your emergency matter.

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