Braces in Houston

Braces in Houston

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Braces in Houston

Our braces in Houston give you the confidence and the comfort that comes with straighter, more properly positioned teeth. At the practice of Kevin L. Carlton, DDS MS, we’re pleased to offer you a choice when it comes to orthodontic care. Your individual needs and preferences will play the major part in deciding which are most appropriate to give you the results you desire.

Metal braces are the traditional choice, although the ones that are available today don’t bear that much resemblance to the ones from years ago. Our braces in Houston look better, and are even stylish. They’re also more lightweight and streamlined. Gone are the overly-thick brackets and criss-crossing wires. What is retained, however, is the effectiveness of them. In fact, for some particularly difficult cases of teeth misalignment, metal braces may be the only option for getting the expected outcome. Ceramic braces are constructed very much like their metal counterparts, but they match up with the color of your teeth very well, and therefore are less obvious. Clear braces are different. And we mean that in how they look as well as how they feel. They get their name from the fact that they are virtually invisible. Made of plastic, no one expect you will realize you are having orthodontic care. That’s a huge boost for some people who feel awkward about being seen with our braces in Houston. As for feel, it makes sense that plastic would be more comfortable than metal, which can sometimes cause mouth soreness or irritation. Clear braces are removable, so you can eat anything you want by just taking them out. There are no food restrictions to observe.

Why not contact our office right away and let us book you for an appointment to come in and decide which of our great braces options are going to transform your smile from crooked to straight.

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