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Houston Clear Braces

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Ceramic Braces in Houston

Our highest priority is to straighten your teeth in an efficient and comfortable manner. And unlike in the past, when you had no choices at all, today you can pick the type of braces that are the most appropriate for meeting your needs and preferences. Here at the orthodontic practice of Kevin L. Carlton DDS MS, we are pleased to offer, among our various options, our Houston clear braces, made from ceramic instead of metal.

What is the difference between metal and ceramic braces? The primary one is the material used, because the way in which they are built is very much the same. Ceramic braces are smaller than metal ones, not in the way they fit, but in their profile. In addition, they are more fragile than metal braces. In both cases, metal and ceramic, you will need to avoid certain types of foods, notably those that are crunchy or sticky, so that you do not break the braces. It’s not just that metal and ceramic are different materials, of course, but that ceramic matches almost perfectly with the color of your teeth. And that is why we call them our Houston clear braces. They are not 100% undetectable, like plastic braces are, but they are not nearly as noticeable. Unless someone is right near you, there is a good chance that they won’t realize you’re wearing braces at all. This is a great feature if you are someone who feels self-conscious or awkward about speaking, laughing, smiling, or chewing in front of others while wearing obvious braces. You’ll feel more at ease even while you’re getting outstanding treatment.

You might just find that our Houston clear braces are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Why not contact our office and set up an appointment to have a consultation and examination?

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