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The type of braces you wear should be the ones that are best suited to bring about the results you want, and if that means you have more than one option, that’s when your preferences will be the deciding factor. Our Wylie orthodontist, Kevin L Carlton DDS, is pleased to offer both clear and traditional braces to straighten your teeth.

Traditional braces are made out of metal. And it’s the material used that is the only link to the ones of the past. The ones that are placed by our Wylie orthodontist are more lightweight, streamlined, and stylish. As a result, they are easier to wear and many of our patients like the way they look. Traditional braces can even be customized. There are some times when only metal braces will suffice to get the job done efficiently. In other cases, you may decide instead to go with clear braces. These are made out of plastic, and are more accurately called aligners. In terms of their effectiveness, however, they are just as good as metal braces. They are significantly more comfortable, which makes sense when you consider that plastic is a softer and more pliable material, thereby eliminating irritation and soreness as possible outcomes. It is the clear nature of them, though, that is frequently the deciding factor for so many people. When you choose them, you won’t have to feel awkward or self-conscious about speaking or smiling in front of other people. Instead, you can go about your normal business with others totally unaware that you are getting treatment from our Wylie orthodontist .

You may lean toward one more than the other, but to know for sure which type of braces are right for you, simply contact our office right now and set up an appointment to come in for an examination and consultation.

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