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Emergency Orthodontist Houston

Orthodontic emergencies in Houston

Emergency orthodontist Houston

Emergency orthodontist Houston

An orthodontic emergency is something that should be handled right away. Orthodontic emergencies can happen due to many things. A loose bracket, a broken bracket or rubber band on braces, or anything lodged in the brace or tooth may qualify as an orthodontic emergency. At the offices of Kevin L. Carlton, DDS, MS, our emergency orthodontist Houston provides immediate care for patients who may be suffering from an orthodontic emergency.

If brackets have come loose, call our emergency orthodontist Houston to find out more about how we can help fix your loose brackets or wires. Wires can also come loose but patients can push the wire back in to prevent it from poking the mouth further. Brackets are also a major part of braces. They serve to hold the braces in place with the use of wires and are bonded with adhesive directly on the teeth. Brackets are stable and sturdy, but eating hard and crunchy foods can cause them to loosen. Sometimes direct trauma to the teeth can cause them to loosen as well. A mouth guard can be used to prevent this from happening.

Other problems that our emergency orthodontist Houston treats are irritated gums. The mouth, cheek, tongue or lips may all get irritated and need relief due to the tight braces. Sometimes adjustments to braces can help. If food gets stuck behind the braces, patients can use dental floss to get it out. If not, we can remove it for you at our offices. For a rubber band or brackets that have come loose, come into our offices so that we can make sure the braces are tight and without any other issues, which can harm the progress of the alignment of the teeth. Proper alignment is crucial so that the braces can be successful.

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