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Kids Orthodontist in Wylie

Reasons why kids may need to see an orthodontist in Wylie

Kids orthodontist in Wylie

Kids orthodontist in Wylie

If you are looking for a great orthodontic practice that can provide both interceptive and traditional orthodontic care, visit us at Kevin L Carlton DDS MS. Our kids orthodontist in Wylie, Dr. Kevin L. Carlton, provides many different types of orthodontic care for young children as well as children in their teens; adults are also warmly welcomed into our orthodontic practice.

Children may need orthodontic care for reasons other than just simply straightening out their bite. Today, many children between the ages of seven and 11 receive interceptive orthodontic care in order to treat known orthodontic problems early on. This generally means that the patient will need to have less involved orthodontic care when they reach their teens, and there will also be less need for any tooth extractions. In addition, problems can be addressed at an early age which cannot be corrected at a later age. For example, if it is seen that a child’s mouth will not be able to accommodate all of their permanent teeth which have yet to erupt, they can be treated with Phase I Interceptive orthodontic care to correct the situation. For this reason, it is now recommended that children have their first orthodontic visit around the age of seven to see if there are any problems emerging. This type of early intervention and phased treatment can also result in better patient compliance since teen patients do not need to use orthodontic headgear, and orthodontic treatment which often has poor compliance. Included in the different treatments that are available to younger children during interceptive orthodontic care by our kids orthodontist in Wylie is arch expansion. Arch expansion allows more room for permanent teeth. Orthopedic growth appliances will also help the jaw to grow to accommodate all teeth.

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