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Abilene Orthodontic Office

Orthodontist in Abilene

Abilene orthodontic office

Abilene orthodontic office

Welcome to the offices of Kevin L. Carlton DDS, MS. At our Abilene orthodontic office, we offer the highest quality orthodontic services in a relaxed atmosphere. We offer interceptive orthodontics as well as traditional orthodontics, so that our patients can be happy with their smiles and have straighter, better teeth.

Interceptive orthodontics done in our Abilene orthodontic office help to fix orthodontic problems that happen to kids and young adults between the ages of 7 and 11. This helps to cut back on the need for teeth extractions to make room for traditional orthodontic movement and requiring the use of headgear and other orthodontic appliance types. The techniques used in interceptive orthodontics include arch expansion, which helps to allow permanent teeth to come in properly with enough room, and growth appliances, which help to promote jaw growth and help with later orthodontic treatment. These are known as Phase 1 of the orthodontic treatment process. Phase 2 happens when the standard orthodontics finally take place. But Phase 1 helps to allow Phase 2 be a shorter and easier process than without the interception. Ultimately, the goal of orthodontics is to correct something called a malocclusion, or a bad bite within the mouth. This can happen if teeth are too crowded, crooked, or out of alignment. Even if the teeth appear straight, a malocclusion can exist, causing future dental issues.

Malocclusions can be hereditary or developmental. They can also form from poor oral habits, such as tongue thrusting and thumb sucking. The placement of orthodontics can help to address these issues, creating a straighter and more attractive smile and to help promote good oral health with a proper bite occlusion. Having crooked teeth can lead to gum disease and tooth decay, because it is harder to clean the teeth properly. The orthodontic process done at our Abilene orthodontic office will slowly move the teeth into their proper position using corrective appliances such as retainers and braces. Brackets and wires that are tightened into place guide the movement of each tooth over time until they are in the proper position and the malocclusion is finally corrected.

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